Capital Account

Solution for Collecting
Overdue Balances

Seamless integration with your management software in order to submit accounts, receive updates, and maximize recoveries

Capital Accounts specializes in the collection of overdue balances. We would appreciate the opportunity of putting our collection platform to work for you. Feel free to review our client testimonials at your convenience. Capital Accounts reports balances to all three national credit bureaus in order to assure your accounts are recovered. We also provide skip tracing as well as a series of letters and phone calls. Monthly reports provide status updates on all accounts.



Utilizing Capital Accounts allows you to free resources and focus on your core business. Our expertise allows for more than simply cutting costs, it is about increasing business value for your company.

The Capital Accounts management team is comprised of collection industry veterans that have a deep understanding of customer needs. Our service provides unparalleled results. We take your business as serious as you do. We understand that delinquent accounts are a frustration for many business owners. Capital Accounts can help you and your employees focus on your business while we focus on your accounts and providing you with results.