Your Business - Connected! is an App Environment for businesses which allows them to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and improve margins by connecting multiple solutions through one central platform. All solutions integrate with your core internal software platform through a single point.

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We provide the following Applications Integrated with your core software:
We do this through the delivery of core business solutions ranging across financial tools, contact and communication solutions, and other unique tools for your business through one simple to use App Environment. Imagine the ability to consolidate existing vendors, add new technology and tools, and integrate everything -ALL with one centralized User profile. Your Business -Simplified!

Apps and Features

Complete Solution Click here for a video on how our menu of services work in concert together. Learn how to compliment what you are already doing internally and grow your business

Consumer RecallsHuman (P2P) phone calls which follow-up with your past Patients/Clients/Customers in order to get them using your services again

Payment ProcessingAccept Online, Mobile, and IVR 24/7/365 Payments. Store card data securely in the cloud for recurring and insurance self pay amounts.

Analytics and ReportingOptimize your business with detailed productivity reporting which illustrates strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Benchmark your business against others

CollectionsSend your overdue accounts directly to collections with just the click of a button. No more manual processes.

Billing Services Improve billing processes with electronic notifications, digital payments, courtesy reminders. Reduce A/R days and the labor involved to drive payments

Communications Two Way Communications for Consumers to communicate with you. No more �1� or �2� responses on text. Aggregate all communications within one screen