Your Business - Connected! is an App Environment for businesses which allows them to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and improve margins by connecting multiple solutions through one central platform. All solutions integrate with your core internal software platform through a single point.

Install for Windows XP & Server 2003

Install for all other Windows versions



  • Utility Functionality, not just marketing on your website
  • Increase traffic with consumer tools, which increases search result rankings
  • Invoice presentment and bill payment on website
  • Click to talk button, which directly dials departments at your business (scheduling, billing, general questions, etc.)
  • Scheduling module which allows consumer to change appointments without interrupting staff
  • Instant messaging, Facebook Messaging, and Business Line SMS Text messaging (two way so consumers can communicate responses effectively)
  • After hours messaging and monitoring possible for any consumer inquiries
  • New Client/Customer/Patient intake and update forms which update your core software
  • Migrate your existing site or add these utility functions to your existing site
  • Integrated with your core management and accounting software