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Consumer Recalls

Complement your existing Patient Recall processes which use automation in the form of text and email notifications to reach inactive patients. Ultimately, these processes convert some Patients, but everyone doesn't respond. Person to Person (P2P) telephone contacts ensure that no Patient slips through the cracks and everyone gets the care they need.


  • Human (P2P) initiated consumer recontacts drive much higher response rates and R.O.I. compared to automation
  • Reduce the cost of new Patient marketing by re-activating your historical Patients
  • Integrates and Syncs seamlessly with your core practice management software in order to pinpoint the necessary information to drive Patients back into the office
  • Location tools for identifying new contact and location information when Patients have moved addresses or acquired new phone numbers
  • Learn reasons for service interruptions such as:

Using a Competitor
Move to a new address or out of the area
Life changing events, employment changes, etc.
Someone needs a personal touch to restart services
PR Management - Uncover genuine concerns of Patients
Whatever the variable may be, learn the reasons and execute business processes accordingly.
How do I get started?
To get started, simply speak with your Representative at 800.482.6134 or make a request here. They will be happy to assist your setup and answer any additional questions.